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Behaviour support


Nundah State School is committed to provisions that ensure all students have a right to and receive a quality education.

Essential to effective learning is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment that respects the rights of all students to learn, the rights of teachers to teach and rights to be safe.  Children are expected to be courteous, considerate and behave appropriately at school and when travelling to and from school. As representatives of our school, children must also be on their best behaviour on all occasions, on excursions, at school camps, when wearing our uniform outside the school, and when competing in sporting events.

All members of the school community have rights. These rights ensure we all feel safe, can learn and are treated with respect and dignity.  In order to uphold these rights at Nundah State School, we value the following baseline behaviours for all members of the school community. Our expectations relate to behaviour outside of school that affects the good order and management of the school, including inappropriate online behaviour. 

  • Safety: School community members will act in a responsible manner that presents no danger to the physical or emotional security of themselves or others.  Violence, or the threat of violence, will not be tolerated, including the possession of unsafe objects at school.
  • Effort: School community members will be mindful of the fact that the primary aim of schooling is student learning. Each member will actively fulfil their role in this process to the best of their ability.
  • Respect: School community members will treat each other with courtesy and consideration at all times, being mindful of the rights and differing responsibilities of each person. Such courtesy will be reflected in both action and communication.
  • Self-responsibility: School community members will endeavour at all times to make appropriate behaviour choices and accept accountability for the outcomes of their actions.

Please refer to our Responsible Behaviour Plan (PDF, 2.59MB) as detailed in our Parent/carers handbook (PDF, 1.6 MB) for more information on school expectations, procedures and policies.