Parent teacher communication


Communication procedures

Your classroom teacher is your first point of contact

It is vital that parents/carers form a strong, open relationship with their classroom teacher, as this is the person in the school who will come to know your child best. They are the person who will initiate conversations about how best to help your child, and they will be able to problem-solve situations with you. Parents/carers and teachers need to work closely together for the benefit of each child. Please arrange clear communication procedures from the beginning of each year with your teacher/s. 

It is not unusual for these conversations to be about concerns you have about your child’s progress, or general school matters. Minor concerns may become bigger issues if you do not address them with school staff. We have found most issues are best resolved through prompt and courteous communication, directly with your classroom teacher in the first instance. 

Staying in touch through your teacher

Our parent information sessions held each year in early term 1 are a great way to connect with your child’s teacher and find out the classroom routines and procedures for the year. Thereafter, classroom teacher can be accessed via email (addresses will be shared during initial parent information evenings).  As teachers do not always access emails during their day of teaching we thank you for your patience. Teachers are committed to acknowledging and or responding to email as soon as able.  For more urgent matters we suggest a phone call to the office or a message being sent to Teachers will keep families up to date with classroom happenings throughout the term via email or the use of online apps such as Bloomz.  The newsletter is also a place where year level or event specific information can be found. 

If at any time parents would like a meeting with teachers regarding their child, a time is to be organised via email and this will take place before or after school.  Invitations to term 1 and term 3 student led conferences will also be received by parents annually. 

Classroom teachers

Your first port of call is always your classroom teacher/s.

If you contact the office staff to see someone else, they will first check that you have discussed the topic with your classroom teacher. Classroom teachers will bring any issues of concern to the appropriate person and seek assistance if needed. Please be respectful of their time in the morning particularly, and make an appointment to talk to them. Your classroom teacher is very busy most of the day and is required to begin teaching when children are under their supervision. Conversations often do not take "just a minute", so please make a dedicated time to enable them to give you the full attention they would like to.  


Our SWAN Team are in charge of supporting students and teachers in providing effective pedagogies and programs for personalising learning, in particular students with learning difficulties and special education needs.  Classroom teachers will refer to them, so please contact classroom teachers first. One of our team may contact you directly to discuss your child if appropriate. Again, your classroom teacher is your first port of call and your child's case manager. 

Office Team

Mrs Sharron Keogh is our Business Manager.  She is responsible for the efficient and helpful business operations of our school, including the front office, correspondence, newsletter, facilities, financial matters and supervision of our office staff, teacher aides, cleaning staff and schools officer.  Matters pertaining to these things can be directed to her. She will always seek clarification or decision from the DP’s or Principal, if unsure.

Executive Team

Our Deputy Principal/s and the Principal become involved in cases where students, families and staff require more particular support or information.

Complaints Management Process

Please refer to our Complaint Management Communication Guide (PDF, 245KB) to assist you in how to navigate this process should you need to.

Class placement for next year

We spend a great deal of time at the end of each year allocating children to classes for following year to create a supportive teaching and learning environment for all concerned.

At the beginning of term 4 parents will receive a form inviting them to help us make these decisions, by sharing specific information about your child which they would like us to consider. For example, you may wish to indicate special information and specific teaching approaches/ skills/ qualities that you feel best match your child’s learning needs. Do not presume that all information from previous years or a conversation during the year will be noted when the time comes to allocate students to classes.

We ask that you do not request specific teachers as there is no guarantee that they will be teaching the same year level next year. Class groupings will be finalised closer to the end of the year when we have a clearer picture of student numbers in each year level, then classes created, and finally teachers allocated to a class.

Students and families will be informed of their class allocation by letter included in the student report card envelopes, which are sent home on the final Monday of the year. 

Absences, late arrivals and early departures

As a matter of safety and to comply with Education Queensland requirements, parents/ carers are asked to explain a child’s absence with a note or phone the student absentee line on (07) 3635 5860 or by using Skoolbag app or QParents.

If no explanation is received your classroom teacher will contact parents/carers in order to seek to understand what is happening for your child, and how we can support you or them. 

Students who arrive late should report to the office for a ‘Glad you are here’ slip and to record their attendance on OneSchool.

Children are to be signed out/in at the office if they leave school early or arrive late for any reason as this needs to be recorded. 

Family records — confidential

It is a parental responsibility to provide the school administration with accurate and up-to-date data for family records. This is especially important in relation to home and emergency contacts and essential custody and medical information. All information in our school database is considered confidential. Please call or email to update your details

Last reviewed 18 September 2020
Last updated 18 September 2020