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school buildingWe are proud of our school and its important role in the community, producing children set to achieve their potential, confident in themselves and equipped with the personal qualities and skills to live in Australia’s dynamic society as co-operative, creative and well-adjusted citizens.

Our school provides a comprehensive range of curriculum offerings based on the Australian curriculum, including specialist music, dance, drama and physical education teachers. We encourage you to enquire about and explore these programs further in our website. 

We are proud of Nundah State School and hope that all children and parents/carers will get to know it well, support it, appreciate it and most importantly become an active part of its growth and history.

Nundah State School is already well known for its:

  • Considerable heritage with established traditions and events.
  • Co-curricular offerings which provide varied opportunities.
  • Commitment to quality academic and social achievements.
  • Community spirit and family-orientated participation.
  • Diversity and multicultural complexity.
  • Dedicated and diligent staff.

At Nundah State School, our future aspirations include:

  • Innovative and evidenced-based teaching learning.
  • Future-orientated thinking and planning.
  • Investment in skilled, responsive and resilient staff.
  • Culture and practices which promote excellence and challenge.
  • Well-resourced contemporary learning spaces. 

Expectations, Policies and Procedures

Most of the detail regarding our Nundah Expectations, policies and procedures are detailed in our Parent/Carers Handbook (PDF, 1.6 MB). Please ensure you have downloaded or have our print version of this document on hand for any queries. 

Health and safety

Nundah State School takes great care to ensure students wellbeing, health and safety. The details regarding our school policies and procedures around health are detailed in our parent/carers handbook (PDF, 1.6 MB).
A major point of parent responsibility is ensuring that all address and contact information (telephone, email) for your family and emergency contacts are always up to date and current. A quick email at can ensure this, or a call to our office staff.
We recognise that one emerging challenge as contemporary learners is to teach children and parents the awareness of and skills associated with cyber safety.
The cyber safety guide for parents (PDF, 1.2 KB) and students will be of valuable assistance.
On enrolment all students complete an internet usage agreement (Year P-3) (PDF, 281 KB) and each year students from Year 4 are also required to discuss with parents and complete an internet usage agreement (Year 4+) (PDF, 281 KB) to remind the of their obligations to themselves and their peers. Parents will be informed if students breach these expectations and agreements. 

Compliments and complaints procedures

Of course compliments are easy to receive and are welcome at all times.
If your concern or issue cannot be resolved through consultation you may wish to contact Brisbane North District office telephone (07) 3350 7866. All district offices also provide access to a community participation officer or an officer responsible for parent liaison. As part of this process the Assistant Regional Director, will be notified.
Parents/carers may also wish to contact the Parents and Citizens’ Queensland(P&Cs Qld) telephone (07) 3352 3900 or visit their website for information or support. Both the P&Cs Qld and District office have access to the Office of State Schooling, which administers the operation of all Queensland State Schools, if further issue resolution is required.
Last reviewed 20 June 2020
Last updated 20 June 2020