Sync Issues


Look below to find your syncing issue. 

OneNote says it is offline.

As OneNote uses an autosync feature, it will frequently check to see if there is new content or to upload recent work you have done. Due to the heavy load on the Microsoft Servers, the app is often unable to connect during the busiest times. It will sync again at a later point when it is able to get through.

To help with this issue:

  • Force your OneNote to refresh the notebook at less busy times. These tend to be before 8am and after 3:30pm. 
    • To refresh on a computer, right click on the notebook name (you may need to press the '<' arrow at the top if you can't see the notebooks) and click 'Sync this notebook now'
    • To refresh on an iPad, pull down on the column with 'Welcome' at the top. See the image on the right . 
If the problem persists, try signing out and in again. Choose your device from the list below to learn how.

N.B. You may need your school username and password to access these links.

Sync Issues - iPad (PDF)

Sync issues - iPad (Video)

Sync issues - Mac (Video)

Sync issues - Windows 10 app (Video)

I am unable to see a page OR I am able to see a page but the content (in particular images) are blank. 

To help with this issue try copying the page (without actually copying). 
  • On a computer,
    • Right click on the page  you are missing content for from the list of pages in the section and choose 'copy'. You may receive an error about it not being downloaded.
    • Right click and choose copy again. This seems to force it to download. (Thanks Mrs O'Shea for this hot tip)
  • On an iPad

I cannot see my whole notebook or a whole section. 

N.B. Make sure to check with your class teacher first if there is content in that section.

To help with this issue, try closing and reopening your notebook.

  • On a computer,
    • Right click on the name of the notebook and choose 'Close this Notebook' 
    • Once it has closed, select 'More Notebooks' 
    • Pick your notebook from the list. 
    • It will take a while to redownload the notebook so please try to avoid peak times (e.g. betweeen 8:30am and 3:30pm)
  • On an iPad
Hot tip: Click on each page, working your way down through the notebook to force it to load to avoid errors later.

If your issues are not resolved, please contact the Tech support team at

Last reviewed 24 April 2020
Last updated 24 April 2020